Services d'exposition au site - Mediasystems
Trade Show Planning and On site Management

Planning and managing a trade show isn't easy.

It requires time and extra energy on the part of your company. When the awaited moment of the trade show arrives, your team may not always be up to par. That's why Mediasystems created its trade show management service.

Preliminary on-site installation on our premises, on-site installation at the trade show, disassembly, transportation, storage, and turn key service are all part of our specialized service.

TURN KEY service

This service is by far the one that our customers appreciate the most. It allows them to focus on their exhibit marketing objectives, while leaving the logistics and the planning to us.

Preparing schedule

Preparing stand concept

Verifying required stand elements

Reserving on-site services

Compiling forms

Reserving on-site access badges

Managing equipment (stand and promotional)

Choosing a transporter

Managing customs documents

Supervising on-site materials

Coordinating and supervising the installation

Supervising technical personnel

Installing client equipment

On-site support service

Managing operations and dismantling of stand

Managing removal of material

Managing return transportation

Verifying material upon return


Issuing activity report

Thanks to this service, all you have to do is tell us where your trade show is being held, and show up a few minutes before it starts, in tip-top shape. We’ll take care of the rest.